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Bakery Workers’ Comp: Preventing Slips & Falls

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Bakery Workers’ Comp: Preventing Slips & FallsIn our last post, we discussed some of the major workers’ compensation risks that apply to bakeries nationwide. Their specific risks, as we outlined in our article, are abundant and leave plenty of room for injury on the job. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at how to prevent slips and falls, one of the most common injury claims in bakeries each year. As we explore these preventative measures, ensure you protect your client’s operation and employees with a Bakery Workers’ Compensation Insurance program.

Floor safety.

Slips account for about 72% of all injuries in the bakery and flour confectionery industry. Most of these accidents occur because the floor is wet or contaminated with food products. Flour, dough, batter, oil, water and wet cleaning products can all contaminate the floor and cause it to become more slippery. Water splashes from hand basins, leaks or drips from prover cabinets and drips from utensils that have just been used can all contribute to the amount of water on the floor and thus the risk of slipping, states Health and Safety Executive.

Use slip-resistant mats under equipment where batter, flour, water, or dough is made or used. These machines inadvertently cause splatters and slip risks, so use caution around them.

Cleaning safety.

Housekeeping is an imperative component to baking operations. Maintaining a spotless kitchen and bakery not only reflects on the client’s reputation, but also their safety practices. Consider the following cleaning practices to prevent slips and falls.

  • Clean spills immediately and mark with proper warning signage.
  • Ensure adequate drainage for water and cleaning products on the floor.
  • Clean up spilled ingredients immediately, as well. Some, such as poppy seeds, can cause the floor to become oily and even more slippery if left for long enough.
  • Plan routine cleaning procedures, such as mopping, when customers are not present.

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