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What Are Common Auto Shop Workers’ Comp Myths?

What Are Common Auto Shop Workers' Comp Myths There are, unfortunately, still many businesses throughout America that feel they don’t need Workers’ Compensation, or at least don’t understand the intricacies of such a policy. In New Jersey, it is required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance for your business; auto shops are no exception. But in addition to carrying a New Jersey Auto Shop Workers’ Compensation policy, what should your clients or prospects know about this coverage? It’s important to dispel common myths, such as the following.

Myth #1: “I wasn’t negligent, so I won’t be sued.”

Employers often believe that their workers don’t have a claim unless they were negligent. In most Workers’ Compensation cases, an employee must only prove that they were in fact an employee, and were performing the duties of their job, and were injured while doing so.

Myth #2: “I don’t have enough employees to need Workers’ Compensation coverage.”

In most states, including New Jersey, the law required employers to have Workers’ Compensation insurance if they have even a single employee other than the sole owner of the operation.

Myth #3: “My employees are too nice to sue me.”

Your clients may have the most loyal and honest employees out there; however when it comes to work related accidents, injuries, or illness there is always the possibility of a lawsuit. This is especially true if employees need to find a way to pay their bills. New Jersey Workers’ Compensation could help companies to avoid costly legal battles and complications.

These are just a few of the myths commonly associated with Auto Shop Workers’ Compensation. To learn more about Workers’ Comp coverage for auto shops and our various other targeted industries, please contact Associated Specialty Insurance Agency (ASIA) at (866) 679-7457.

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