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7 Common Workers’ Compensation Claims

7 Common Workers’ Compensation ClaimsWorkers’ compensation is an essential protection for employers in any industry. Though each state has different laws regulating workers’ compensation programs, one thing is always for certain: accidents are going to happen in the workplace. Employee injuries can happen at anywhere and anytime, making them hard to predict, but that doesn’t mean employers have to be unprepared. Here is some information on 7 common workers’ compensation claims, to help you keep your clients informed and prepared.

1. Slip and Fall or Tripping Injuries

Slips, falls, and tripping injuries are some of the most preventable yet also some of the most common workers’ compensation injuries. Slip and falls are typically caused by leaks, spills or water tracked in during a storm, while tripping can be caused by a number of factors such as loose flooring, rugs or other hazards in the walkway, or even just general clumsiness. Many of these types of incidents can be prevented by ensuring floors are properly dried and walkways are well-maintained and free of hazards.

2. Falling Objects

Another common and usually preventable workers’ compensation claim is from falling objects. Whether it’s something that falls off of a shelf in the workplace or is dropped from above in a construction site, a falling object can cause serious injury. In many situations these injuries can be prevented by securing objects more carefully and reminding employees to be aware of potential falling objects.

3. Overexertion

Jobs that require a lot of physical labor can result in employees developing sprains, pulled muscles, dislocated joints or even fractured bones. In warmer weather, employees may become overheated or even pass out from heat stroke. Employers can help prevent these injuries by making sure employees are properly trained on safety for physically demanding jobs, and by providing ways for them to keep cool in hot weather.

4. Repetitive Motions

Injuries caused by repetitive motion are some of the hardest to determine the cause of. Carpal tunnel, tendinitis and bursitis are the most common injuries that are used in workers’ compensation claims and can affect any employee from assembly line workers to clerical employees.

5. Material Handling

Work injuries related to manual material handling account for 32 percent of all workers’ compensation claims. Even with safety procedures in place, injuries are still very common. Employers should ensure all employees are following all safety precautions, but they can also periodically reassess employee tasks to see if they can find ways to decrease or eliminate some of the more difficult tasks by bringing in simple machinery.

6. Machinery

While machinery can help make certain tasks easier, it also comes with serious risks. Any employee that will be operating machinery should be properly trained, and employers should also take additional safety precautions such as implementing spotters, or adding automatic stopping features to machinery in the event something goes wrong while in use.

7. Vehicle Accidents

Any employee who spends a significant time on the road, whether it’s a long-haul truck driver, a traveling salesperson or a highway patrol officer, it at risk of getting into an accident. Often times these accidents are caused by other drivers, but employers can take steps to ensure their employees are following the correct procedures and avoiding driving or traveling when they are over tired.

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