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3 Ways Technology is Reshaping Workers’ Compensation Claims

3 Ways Technology is Reshaping Workers’ Compensation ClaimsThe rapid pace at which everyday technology is advancing has affected many different aspects of both life and business. Even the insurance sector has made some changes in the way that policies and claims are handled in order to adapt. Consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets and wearable technology are changing the way people live their daily lives, and these items are also reshaping how workers’ compensation claims are handled too. Here are three ways technology is changing the workers’ compensation industry:


The days of overloading employees with mounds of paperwork that can be difficult to navigate or comprehend are over. Important safety procedures and updates, information critical for preventing injuries and even claim updates can now be accessed by employees right from their phones. Keeping employees in the loop at all stages of the workers’ compensation claims process can improve their understanding, encourage a quicker recovery and reduce the chances of involving additional attorneys.

Managing Claims

Different injuries may need to be reported to different parts of a company. This complicated system is confusing for employees and can add more frustration to an already stressful situation. Automated forms and online reporting can help improve this process, allowing completed forms to be sent to all necessary parties at once.

Once a workers’ compensation claim is filed, employees will typically need medical treatment, but managing different doctor and specialist appointments, test results and treatment plans can be difficult to manage. Newer technology can help to simplify the claim management process and ensure that the employee is able to receive appropriate treatment. Appointment and prescription alerts and online medical records can help ensure employees aren’t getting lost in the paperwork shuffle.

Training and Monitoring

Through mobile apps or workplace networks, employers can provide employees with easy access to safety and training navigation. Employees can complete training updates right from their phones or on computers, so employers can ensure that they’re up-to-date on all current safety procedures which can help reduce the chances of on-the-job injuries.

Companies that use heavy machinery can implement technology-based safety measures such as equipment that requires the user to keep both hands in place in order to function or machinery fitted with sensors that can clue-in operators to any unusual changes in their surroundings and keep them aware and alert.

Wearable technology, which has become popular among consumers, can also help employers monitor their employees’ working conditions and alert them to dangers such as extreme temperatures and fatigue. Wearables can also aid in workplace health and wellness programs, where employers can reward their employees’ healthy behaviors, improving their overall well-being.

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