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2018 Tips for Agents to Place More Business

2018 Tips for Agents to Place More BusinessAs an experienced and licensed insurance agent, what more could you want than to boost your business in 2018? With plenty of resources to be your guide, there’s no shortage of information on improving your business practices. However, with so much competition and new regulations coming into play, placing business might be more of a challenge than originally anticipated. In this article, we’re going to cover some insights for how insurance agents can increase their Workers Compensation Insurance lead generation and convert sales more often.

Increase lead generation strategies.

There are so many ways to promote lead generations. Agents should expand their reach by increasing their methods. For more ideas on how to cast a wider net, click here.

Be the expert.

Workers’ Compensation insurance is a specialized and niche market. Insurance agents understand this, but your customers might not. Therefore, position yourself as the expert and notify your potential leads that this is your area of expertise, not just a general policy that you and your agency offers. Not only does this make you more competitive, you’ll gain customers’ trust more quickly.

Create a referral program.

You likely already have one in place, but is it done properly? An effective referral strategy should include the following:

  • Locally promoted referrals
  • Including family and friends
  • Sending referral cards to clients regularly to make it easy to spread the word
  • Sharing on social media sites
  • Educating clients about products and referral rewards
  • Reminding clients politely to refer others

Get a competitive edge.

Prospecting is hard. It takes consistent effort, speed, and perseverance, and when you’re tied up with proposals, quotes, and other time-intensive tasks, it can be impossible to give prospecting everything you’ve got. That’s why finding every way to streamline your funnel is key, explains QuotIt. According to Jason Kulpa’s list on IA Magazine, this means identifying the right targets, prioritizing and rewarding customers and following major industry leader’s footsteps.


Lead generation and prospecting takes finesse. Regardless of who you proposition for placing business, your follow-up request should always be timely and offer a unique approach to their insurance needs. How are you different? How does your service rank among competitors? What makes your process or products unique?

Invest in technology.

Customer relationship management tools are all but required for insurance agents. Without investing in the right technology, you could be missing out on so much potential for business. These programs include administrative assistance, email marketing, data management, quoting and more. If you haven’t invested yet, 2018 is the time.

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