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2017 Workers’ Compensation Predictions

2017 Workers' Compensation PredictionsIn January, it is only natural to ponder what the coming year has in store. With a new president and administration set to take office, it is safe to assume we can all expect unusually sweeping changes throughout 2017 on a number of fronts.  An article on WorkersCompensation.Com outlines nine predictions for what changes may be on the horizon for workers’ compensation over the next year under a Trump presidency. Here are the first three of those predictions, and keep an eye out for blog posts later this month that will outline the full list of 2017 workers’ compensation predictions.

Prediction 1: Soon-to-be President Trump Will Form a Federal Workers’ Comp Commission.

This elite and powerful group will identify weaknesses in the current system and recommend improvements.

Prediction 2: Soon-to-be President Trump Will Create a Federal Guest Worker Program.

Will he build the wall? Won’t he? This remains to be seen. Stricter immigration policies could lead to a shortage of laborers, necessitating an emergency guest-worker program.

Prediction 3: Florida Will Finally Reform Its Ailing Workers’ Comp System.

It is no secret that Florida’s workers’ comp system has been in disarray for some time. It has been subject to lawsuits related to provisions including two-year limits on temporal total disability benefits, it has been the subject of bipartisan bickering, and 2017 just may be the year both sides come up with reforms that work.

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