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2017 Workers’ Compensation Predictions: Part 2

2017 Workers’ Compensation PredictionsPresident-elect Trump and his new administration have promised sweeping changes for 2017. In our last blog post, we outlined three workers’ compensation changes we may see in the New Year, according to an article on WorkersCompensation.Com. In this post, we’ll continue the discussion with three more 2017 workers’ compensation predictions.

Prediction 4: Workers’ Compensation Could be Renamed.

It’s likely that workers’ compensation could be significantly rebranded in the New Year and could be renamed to better reflect its new mission. One possible new name for the program is Workers’ Recovery.

Prediction 5: Illinois Will Transform Its Workers’ Comp Program.

Can there be calm after chaos? Prognosticators predict that this could happen with Illinois’ workers’ comp system. If the predictions pan out, expect the new program to be simple and to have an advocacy-based claims model. Litigation will slow, and injured workers will recover and return to work sooner under the improved system.

Prediction 6: You’ll be Able To Shop for Workers’ Compensation Insurance On Amazon.Com.

Imagine the convenience of logging on to Amazon and placing a workers’ compensation policy in your shopping cart. This prediction is a bit far-fetched, but we’re entering uncharted waters. Anything is possible!

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